adidas Originals



Announce the start of sales of the new EQT sneakers line by adidas Originals, and build awareness of the collection's “Everything that’s essential. Nothing that is not” philosophy.


The “Everything that’s essential. Nothing that is not” principle was implemented in the promotional website, which had the correct phrase reflecting the EQT philosophy hidden inside a massive block of text. The first user who managed to identify the essential and eliminate the extraneous got a pair of EQT sneakers for free.



To immerse users into the world of EQT and make the process of searching for the essential and eliminating the unimportant more engaging, the brand composed a 12,000-word "extraneous" vocabulary, and a set of 51 unique phrases that reflected the EQT philosophy.


During the campaign, users went on to create dedicated groups and private chat rooms, tried to reverse-engineer the website's algorithm, and even shared source code for software tools that would look for "essential" phrases. What's more important, in order to understand the EQT philosophy and locate the right phrase, users studied all available information about the model.


4,8 mln reach

12,2 mln impressions

158 000 unique visits

2 minutes average time on site  

13% sales growth

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