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Create New Year's campaign for Google app.


In winter before the New Year everyone is waiting for the magic. But magic never happens by itself – it requires a careful preparation. In this rush all of us need an assistant, adviser, some magic wand – this is what Google app is. In terms of winter campaign we've told how the Google app helps people prepare for the magic.

In order to highlight the wide range of the Google app features, we have created 9 short stories where we show in details how you can use the Google app in your magic’s preparation.

Nevertheless it’s easy to rotate the phone, 84% of youtube users hold their devices vertically while watching videos. Vertical format is native for mobile users,furthermore this orientation helps to create unique experience of UI, as you almost feel like the app is used right on your phone. To have full experience, visit this page via mobile.

All OOH was contextually linked to the certain places— we showed the routes to the beautiful places nearby, working hours of the nearest parks and reminded people about New Year’s Eve presents.


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