Google App



Create summer-inspired campaign for Google app.


Everybody has their own Mount Everest to climb: learn swimming, go to Sochi, go to sea, learn french, try biking. But every path consists of small steps we do everyday. Google App can’t teach you cooking, but it can show you a recipe and set a timer. It can’t teleport you to your dream destination but it can show you the shortest path and all the gas stations along the way. So no matter which goal you have and where are you heading — Google will be there with you.

To highlight this idea we created a road-movie based on a story of a little girl and her father driving to the sea for the first time. Google app helps them to overcome local travel challenges and makes their trip easy and comfortable taking care of all the annoying on-the-go tasks.

With a little help of animation we have have created bold, bright and at the same time playful visuals for banners that are both entertaining and educational.

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