Save memory


To create a promo campaign for the new product line of washing machines by Hotpoint that are able to carefully remove more than 100 stains at 20º.


Everyone has favorite clothes linked with great and important memories. Unfortunately like any other clothing these also unevitably get dirty with time. Hotspoint washing machines care of what is truly important to us. This is why we came up with the solution: save memories, not stains.

We told the stories of two favorite clothing items that belong to two ordinary young people demonstrating that only the emotions and memories linked to a garment have genuine value.

We encouraged users to share their own stories online by uploading a photo of their favorite apparel and writing a short story about it. Authors of the stories appreciated by social media users the most were rewarded with prizes from brand partner - BoConcept, the store of designer home decor.



61 000 unique users
2 300 000 video views
about 3 000 000 people reached

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